Cafe Style Shutters Scotland

Cafe shutters are one of the most popular types of window shutters and make a real statement bringing character to your window.

As they only cover the lower portion of your window you can have the best of both worlds, privacy whilst allowing the room to benefit from plenty of light.

Cafe style shutters are fitted up to a certain point, usually the natural break in the window for example on Victorian sashes, they’re best fitted to the natural framing halfway up, however due to the great flexibility of cafe style shutters you can specify exactly where you want your shutters to stop.

cafe shutters edinburgh

Lowest Prices Guaranteed

We guarantee you the lowest prices for quality window shutters and will match any like-for-like quotation.

cafe shutters glasgow

Made to Measure

Every set of window shutters we manufacture is made to measure for each and every customer

cafe shutters scotland

Product Guarantee

Beginning the day your shutters are installed, covering every part of our installation and products for 3 years.


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Advantages of Cafe Style Shutters

cafe style shutters edinburgh

Partial Window Coverage

You have the option to cover just the lower portion of your window.

cafe style shutters glasgow

Privacy & Light

Partial coverage provides privacy whilst allowing natural light in.

cafe style shutters scotland

Variety of Applications

Popular in Victorian houses, town houses and bars and cafes.


Cafe Shutters Edinburgh | Cafe Shutters Glasgow

Stylerite Shutters supply and install Cafe style shutters to customers in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout central Scotland.

Wherever you are in Scotland's central belt a member of our team can arrange a visit, at a time convenient for you, to provide a free, no obligation window shutter consultation.