What is the best style of window shutters?

If you're about to invest in wooden window shutters for the first time, then you may not be too sure about which ones are right for your home. After all, there is more than one style to choose from and you could choose the wrong one. However, as long as you know which styles are out there and which windows they're best for, you shouldn't have too much of a problem.

They're are a few different styles of window shutters and each one provides it's own advantages, it depends on your personal taste of course, and also on whether you prize privacy or light control. You may want shutters that remain shut permanently or you may want a set of shutters that only cover half the window. Read on to find out all about the types of window shutters available and then you'll be more informed, and hopefully, find it much easier to decide which style of window shutter is best for you.

Solid Panel Plantation Window Shutters

This type of window shutter is solid with no slats, and is good if you're after privacy with no light getting through. They're also useful if you have a room where you watch films and play games as they will stop sunlight from shining on to the screen. They're also good for providing security and avoiding noise pollution, so if you live near a busy street, they're ideal.

Cafe Style Window Shutters

This type of shutter will only cover half of your window and they're perfect for basement flats and houses that are on street level. They allow for privacy and let light in so you get the best of both worlds. You also have the option of adding either blinds or curtains if you wish.

Tier on Tier Wooden Window Shutters

You'll find that with this type of window shutter, the bottom and top are separate and will open individually, so you can have one set at the bottom open for instance, and the top part closed. You can control light, noise and privacy with this type of shutter and it can work with any style of home.

Full Height Wooden Window Shutters

This type of shutter will cover the entire window. Sometimes they're good for offering complete privacy, but unlike with solid window shutters, the slats will allow some light in if you wish. They can be fitted so they are in complete alignment with your window height and width.

Unusual Windows?

If you have unusually shaped windows you may think that wooden window shutters aren't for you because you'll never find any that will look right. However, this isn't the case at all. Here at Window Shutters Scotland we can custom make the shutters and design them so that they fit perfectly to any window shape you have, regardless of how unusually shaped they are. So don't let the shape of your windows put you off, if you want wooden window shutters, then you can definitely have them and you can choose from any of the styles we've mentioned.

Wooden Window Shutters, Lots of Styles, Lots of Choice

We hope you found our post on window shutters styles interesting and useful. Here at Window Shutters Scotland we strive to satisfy our customer's needs and provide a versatile and quality range of wooden window shutters that are stylish and functional.

Whether your home is classic or modern, and your interiors contemporary or classically themed, you can have the type of shutters that will match the décor perfectly. Contact us and choose your style of window shutters.