Insulate Your Home with Window Shutters This Winter

You might be surprised to know how much difference solid shutters can make to your home. It’s taken for granted by many that if your heating’s working properly and your windows are securely shut, that there’s very little heat loss. However, this is not the case at all, in fact it can be quite the opposite.

Historic Buildings and Period Houses at Risk of Poor Insulation

If you live in a home that’s 100 years old or older then the chance of it being double glazed is less. You may have bought a period house for obvious reasons, its architectural beauty of course, and the ample room it provides along with those beautiful period features. However, this could make your new home vulnerable to energy loss.

Many historical period houses are not considered for double glazing because it will alter the appearance of the building. So the question is, how can you retain insulation AND keep the original appearance of the windows in your period property?

Solid Shutters For Thermal Protection

If you have solid window shutters closed at night they can really make a dramatic difference to keeping warmth in. They can help stop heat escaping, thus keeping you warm and avoiding the need to alter the appearance of your property with double glazing.

This is a low-tech approach that delivers on all levels and once your solid shutters are fitted, you’ll find they last many years, proving to be a great investment.

Solid Shutters Offer Insulation For Older Properties

Energy efficiency in large historic properties is important and if you happen to live in such a house then you’ll be looking to keep the place warm in winter. Fuel is expensive and you’ll not only save money with solid shutters, but help to reduce carbon emissions too. It is therefore well worth considering, because despite the initial outlay, in the future, you’ll be saving money.

Solid Shutter - As Good as Double Glazing

Traditional solid wooden shutters can make a dramatic difference to your home and is known to reduce heat loss by over 50%. They are every bit as good as double glazing with regards to energy savings, and they can be made more so by slightly modifying them with added insulation.

Stylerite Shutters For All Your Solid Shutters This Winter

If you’re thinking of adding solid shutters to your windows, then get in touch with our team today.

We have a friendly and knowledgeable team who are more than happy to help and steer you in the right direction, and if you’d like us to fit your window shutters, then that’s even better. We have the knowledge, expertise and training to fit your solid shutters professionally and we’ll do an excellent job.