Cleaning Window Shutters

How easy is it to clean wooden window shutters?

If you’re thinking of having window shutters fitted for the first time then perhaps here at Window Shutters Scotland we can help by providing a quick and easy guide. You’ll find it’s no more difficult than cleaning traditional curtains, and in many ways much easier.

Solid Wooden Window Shutters and the Easy Clean

Your window shutters shouldn’t need cleaning more than once a week, depending of course on where you live. If you live near a busy street, then perhaps they may need cleaning more often.


All you need is a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner on the end of the hose, and then you can vacuum your shutters very gently using the attachment, and this should help to avoid a build-up of dust and debris.

Perhaps on a monthly basis you could also use a duster that’s sprayed gently with polish and you can dust the window shutters thoroughly by hand. You’ll need a stool or ladder to reach the top, but whatever you do don’t use a table or a chair as this is how accidents happen.


As you can imagine, your shutters will have crevices and little places which is ideal for dust and dirt to collect. Here’s another idea – you can try using a toothbrush that’s been sprayed with a little spray polish and clean those areas which are hard to reach.

For wooden window shutters it’s best not to use water mixed with soap because this could seriously damage the wood.

Vinyl or Painted

Again washing them on a weekly basis is good, and you can use water and soap to get your painted or vinyl shutters nice and clean. You can dampen a medium sized cloth and wash the window shutters from top to bottom, again using a ladder or stool, but not a table or chair. Rinse away any soap by washing the shutters a second time with water but no soap. Dry them after with a dry towel.

Exterior Shutters

For the outside of your shutters use water and detergent and use a brush or mop. You’ll need a long handle because your shutters are higher up the outside of your house. You can use a hose to spray the dirt away and when you use the mop, there should be less work to do.

Start at the top and work your way down with the mop using firm side to side movements. Use the hose again to wash away any soap residue and let the wind and sun dry them.

So there you have it, a simple and easy way to clean both wooden window shutters, vinyl, painted and exterior ones. It’s so simple and easy and so much easier than having to remove curtains and nets, and then run them through the washing machine or worse, take them to the dry cleaners. In the long run it’ll save you money and they are such a great, modern alternative to curtains. 

If you're interested in having wooden window shutters installed in your home, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.