Privacy Shutters Guide

Window shutters are such a great choice for window coverage and you may be seriously considering having wooden window shutters in your home for the first time. If you’ve had curtains up until now, perhaps with nets, this may be a jump into the unknown. Perhaps you’ve been using blinds up until now and you’d like to try privacy window shutters in West Lothian – and why not?

They’re obviously different to blinds but in a really good way, in that they give a continental feel to your windows – AND block out light, where you can shut light and people out on your terms, so when you need privacy the shutters will give it to you.

Versatility As Well As Privacy

Privacy window shutters fit nicely on to double glazed windows and there’s no need for drilling or holes. The privacy window shutters fit snuggly on to your window frame and with no unsightly gaps, you’re guaranteed privacy – when you need it.

You’ll be pleased to know we have quite a selection of different designs too, whether you’re after contemporary or classic designs to match the décor of your home. Wooden window shutters will fit well onto your windows and the slats can be open or shut, or left partly open – this gives you control of how much of the outside world with light, noise and people you want to allow in.

Nurseries/Media Rooms/Bedrooms

You can have your privacy fitted slats interlocking for when they’re pushed closed. It works in the same way as a solid shutter. In fact they’re popular for nurseries where blocking out light is essential, as well as media rooms, where again, blocking out light is a requirement.

You can have your window shutters designed in the conventional way, so they’re more or less identical to plantation shutters/wooden window shutters that people have everywhere in their home. That’s fine too, but remember that if you want extra privacy and complete light blockage, it may be better to go with privacy shutters for bedrooms and nurseries.

You can have them in other rooms in the house too, they’re so modern and minimal that they give a fresh and contemporary look to your home, and don’t worry if your home is decorated in a more classic style, window shutters can look equally good with older, grander style homes.

Window Shutters - Scotland

Window shutters may seem quite new to those who are more accustomed to curtains and nets, however shutters have been with us for over 500 years and were used to cover windows before the use of glass became more widespread. Nowadays of course, wooden window shutters are a sophisticated solution to controlling light with glass windows, even double glazed, and our special range of privacy wooden shutters in West Lothian are perfect for your home.

So if you’re still unsure and you’d like to have a chat with one of our friendly team members, please get in touch today. We’re here to help and you’re always welcome to either call us, or if you prefer, pay us a visit in store. We’re a professional team and we’re both experienced and knowledgeable on fitting all types of window coverings – so don’t be shy, we’re here to help!