What are the Benefits of Having Window Shutters Installed?

If you’re in two minds whether or not to have window shutters in Scotland and you’re finding it hard to make a decision then perhaps we can help. They offer privacy, flexibility in terms of light and shade, along with sound insulation and warmth in winter.

Window Shutters to Replace Curtains?

Firstly, look at your curtains and if you have nets look at those too. Remember how many times you’ve had to change them, wash them or dry clean them in the past. Or if you open a window on a windy day, they’re blown all over the place and on to the furniture, knotted up or in a mess.

Window Shutters to Replace Blinds?

Well consider the blandness of blinds in comparison to wooden window shutters, the office, dentist look of them, the lack of style or colour, and think what you can do with window shutters, how you can transform rooms, in fact your entire room.

Window Shutters For Privacy

We’ve already covered the privacy offered by window shutters in another blog post, so without going over old ground, let’s quickly remind ourselves how beneficial window shutters are to the privacy of homeowners everywhere, how you are able to choose how much of the world you allow in and how much you keep out.

Window shutters give you the privacy you want when you need it.

Light and Shade

Window shutters can allow all light in or none or at all, or if you fancy a little trickle of light at the time day when the sun is at its strongest, then window shutters can allow a little in when you need it. Light is controlled by you, and when you want more you can just adjust the shutters accordingly.

Health Benefits and Low Maintenance Window Shutters

Window shutters are wiped with a damped cloth and that is enough, there’s no washing and no dry cleaning of heavy curtains. It doesn’t need to be done that often either. For those of you suffering from hay fever, you’ll find that window shutters don’t really collect much dust in comparison to curtains. This means that you’re less likely to suffer from the effects of dust mites – and that’s good news.

Sound, Warmth and Coolness

Every time you close your window shutters, you get great sound insulation, shutting out the noises of the streets outside and people in gardens, so you can have 5 minutes of peace. During the winter, shutters are able to insulate a room, not only keeping you warm, but also providing you with reduced heating bills. In summer you can simply open your windows to allow the air in.

Window Shutters Scotland

So, are you now any closer to making a decision?

If you’re closer than you were before, but you’d still like to talk to someone, then call us or pay us a visit, and our friendly team can talk you through any further queries you may have. If you want to go ahead, that’s even better, as we’re a qualified, well trained and experienced team of window shutter fitters and we’d love to help you create your perfect home space.