Solid Wooden Window Shutters Guide

Solid window shutters are an attractive alternative to more traditional blinds with slats, that gives your home security, privacy and extra warmth in winter. You may have been giving it some consideration, and if you’re still unsure of whether you want to go ahead, we’ve come up with plenty of good reasons why you should consider solid wooden shutters for you home. Read on to find out why wooden shutters might be a good idea.

What Exactly are Solid Wooden Window Shutters?

Solid window shutters can be used as a covering for both windows and doors, or they can be used as room dividers or screens. They provide both privacy and shade from the sun and can help keep in heat during the cold winter weather. So window shutters are quite versatile in that they can be used for other parts of your home as well as just windows. You could have them to match, so there’s consistency throughout.

They can come with a number of details, so your solid window shutters reflect your home, its style and your personal tastes. You can have them in a modern, contemporary style, or you could have them in a more classic design, such as Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian perhaps. You can have either moved or fixed blades too, and combine them with any of the solid shutter styles.

Wooden Window Shutter Finish

You can have them in any finish you want, paint, natural wood, covered in fabric, or faux leather or suede, and you can have them sandblasted. You can have them at full height for maximum coverage, or you can have them halfway up, in a café style. You can even have them with door handles, perhaps you have door knobs or handles you’d like to have attached to your new solid window shutters? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Solid wooden window shutters can be mass manufactured providing a limited selection from which to choose, or you can have them custom made, so you can have them designed to your specifications – this will ensure they fit in with the interior décor of your home. We’re happy to supply you with ready-made, or you can come in and talk to us about what type of window shutters you’d like to have, and we’ll do our utmost to accommodate your ideas.

All our solid window shutters are made from high quality timbre, so your window shutters offer all round reliability, durability and functionality.

Solid Window Shutters, Scotland

We’re a professional team of craftsman that take pride in our work and we’re not happy until you are. Whatever you want us to create on your behalf, for your home, will be given the utmost attention to detail.

Get in touch today and we’ll strive to create any blinds as well as solid wooden shutters, to your specifications, and if for any reason we can’t create exactly what you wanted, then we’ll discuss all the other options available to you, making sure you’re happy with whatever you’ve chosen.