Custom Shape Window Shutters Guide

Window Shutters For Your Home

Picture the scene - you move into a new home, it’s something you’ve been dreaming of. Perhaps it has high ceilings and arched windows, it’s the perfect home, and now you’ll be planning on filling it with treasured items and carefully chosen pieces for each room.

Trouble is, when you have an unusual home, with windows that aren’t the conventional type, it’s hard to find blinds that will fit. Question is – what do you do?

Custom made to Fit Any Shape of Window

Well, you could go with custom window shutters, something that will give your windows plenty of style and are fitted so they fit your windows perfectly – regardless of their size or shape.

Also known as plantation shutters, they are the perfect choice for your windows, and can be a great way of providing coverage for windows that are not conventionally shaped.

Elegant and Stylish Window Shutters

But they don’t just cover the windows, they are both elegant and stylish too, and here at window shutters Scotland – we can provide a variety of colours and styles to suit your home and your personal style, something that fits in with the interior décor you’ve chosen for your home.

So don’t worry about the shape of your windows, and that’ll you’ll have to settle for a set of conventional sized curtains, because our custom made wooden window shutters could be the answer to your prayers.

Customise to Suit

The power is in your hands, because we’ll let you choose the colour, material and slat size - that way you can feel in control and make sure that your window shutters perfectly match the décor you’ve chosen for each room.

If you want added extras such as locking mechanisms, remote controls or pull rings, we can provide those too. You can even have handles or tracking systems, we’ll do whatever it takes to make controlling your shutters easy to handle.

Custom Shape Window Shutters Scotland

When you come to us you’ll find not only a vast choice of colours, shapes, styles at your disposal, you’ll also find a friendly team of professionals with years of experience behind them, who prize customer service and communication above all else. The customer is always our priority. We haven’t got to where we are today without making sure we know what we’re doing and that we listen to what the customer wants.

So don’t ever feel you can’t speak up if you’re not happy with something, or if you want something done a particular way. Custom wooden window shutters are custom designed to your specifications, so it’s in our interests to listen.

If you’re looking for custom shape window shutters in Edinburgh come to us and let’s talk, and between us we can get those window shutters fitted in no time.