Café Style Shutters Style Guide

Before deciding on shutters, or even what type of shutters might be appropriate for your home, you need to consider a few things first before taking the final step of making a purchase. Ask yourself a few questions, like what are the shutters for, this may seem like a silly question, but it isn’t.

What Purpose Do Your Shutters Serve

Your window shutters serve a purpose, and you need to decide which one is right for you. Are you looking to control how much light you allow in? Are you looking to provide more privacy, if you have large windows looking out on to a street, then naturally, you may wish to limit what people can see when they walk past.

Whatever your priorities are, you can have them in different colours and you can have them fitted to match the colour scheme, whichever room you’ve decided to have them.

Continental Sophistication With Café Style Shutters

Café style shutters are a good choice and such an elegant feel to a room, giving hints of continental summers and alpine freshness that really adds a certain ambience to a home.

Café style shutters cover only half the window, so you could cover the top with curtains if you wish, or other types of blind for the evenings, but café style are good in that they cover the bottom half of a window, which is usually where people see in when passing.

You can have wide or narrow panels - narrow are good, if you want to keep your windows open regularly, or wide, if you’re going to be keeping them shut most of the time.

Keep in mind the importance of getting your measurements right so as to ensure a good fit. We’ve included our guide to measurements below, so you can measure your windows yourself if you wish. However, we do offer a measurement service of our own.


If you want made to measure Cafe Style Shutters then you need to know how to measure the windows.

Measuring your windows is the same as it is for all shutters – measure your window near the glass part of your window and measure it so that the blind will hang comfortably. Measure the widths in three different places, including the bottom of the window, the middle and then finally the top, you then need to measure the length. You can use inches, cm's or millimetres to measure your windows, whatever tape measure you have to hand is fine.

Next, what you need to measure next is the outer part of your window, it’s a good idea to have some overlap of about 2 inches at each side and about roughly 3 inches at the top – this makes allowances for any objects that are near your window that can’t be easily removed. Basically you need to just measure the parts you want the shutters to completely cover.

As window shutters go, café style certainly adds a certain continental glamour to your home that will give you an added sophistication, with the addition of being able to paint them any colour you wish, or have them pre-painted by us here at StyleRite in Edinburgh.

Café Style Shutters, Edinburgh

If you are thinking of taking the step of having café style shutters for a room or rooms in your home, then get in touch with us here at StyleRite in Edinburgh and get your own continental shutters for your home.