A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Shutters

Wooden window shutters are by far the most sophisticated window coverage for your windows. They’re versatile, hardwearing, long lasting and functional. Once you’ve bought wooden window shutters, you won’t want to go back to more conventional curtains or blinds.

Of course there are different types of window shutters, and in this post we’re going to give a brief overview of each one, and hopefully this will give you some idea of which ones may be most suitable for your windows.

Full Height Window Shutters

Full height window shutters will give you complete coverage when you need it. They open as one solid unit from the top of your windows to the bottom. You could have several narrow shutters hinged together, or maybe a couple of wider panels.

Café Style Window Shutters

Café style window shutters are great for ground level windows and for basement apartments and town houses. A café style shutter will leave the top of the window without shutters, but will have them at the bottom only. With this type of shutter, you can have privacy, especially if your window opens out on to a busy walkway, at the same time it allows light in where you need it.

Tier on Tier Window Shutters

These type of window shutters allow you to open the shutters independently, meaning you can open the top part and leave the bottom part open and vice versa. Again, these are good if you want to maintain light and you’re concerned about privacy.

Solid Window Shutters

This type of window shutters is good for ultimate privacy and for withholding light and sun. These give great security, and at the same time offer a classic look to any room. You can have all solid window shutters, or you can have them partially solid. It’s the kind of look that will give your home a really elegant continental look.

Custom Shape Window Shutters

If you’ve moved to a house with plenty of character, it may come with unusually shaped windows, and of course this is great. However you may be worried that you won’t be able to find suitable window shutters. This is not the case at all, because you can have them custom made to fit any shape of window, no matter how unusually shaped they are.

Just measure the windows, or we can send one of our team round to do it. You’ll find that whatever their shape, windows can look even more spectacular with shutters. There are plenty of different styles to have and ones that allow the shutters to be fully opened.


Wooden window shutters are built to last and made to provide the ultimate in privacy. No more pulling the curtains at night only to discover they’re practically useless at providing privacy or shutting out unwanted light.

Window shutters can protect your furniture and carpets from the sun while at the same time providing you with privacy as and when you need it. They’re an investment that’s built to last and once you have them, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

Made to Measure Wooden Window Shutters

If you’re thinking of installing wooden window shutters, and why wouldn’t you, then get in touch with us here at Window Shutters Scotland either by phone or online, and one of our team will be more than happy to talk it through with you.

You can measure your windows yourselves, or we can send someone round to measure the windows for you. Once you have window shutters, there’ll be no looking back.