Window Shutters – A stylish alternative to curtains

Window shutters are increasingly chosen as an alternative to window blinds and you can see why. They’re both stylish and sophisticated, offering a new dynamic to any window and giving it a continental flavour, as well as an elegant look for any room.

Create a new dynamic with window shutters from StyleRite

Play with light and shadows and give your window a new dynamic. There are a variety of materials to choose from, so you’re never spoilt for choice. Shutters can also come in a variety of styles to and we’re going to show you the different types, styles and materials you can choose from when buying window shutters.

Café style shutters

Café style shutters are very stylish and offer you a refined alternative to blinds or curtains. Café style are usually half-height, meaning they only cover half your window and this might be more suitable, if say, your window doesn’t allow a great deal of light in and you don’t want to completely shut it out. It can cover the lower portion of your window and still allow you some privacy. They look really good on any size of window and you can have them in whichever colour you wish, or in whichever material you want. Café Style may also be something that is particularly suited to the type of style or theme you’ve chosen for your room.

Full height shutters

Full height shutters completely cover your windows and offer shelter from high temperatures during summer, while keeping indoors cool and calm. Full length window shutters are perfect for either windows or doors and certainly add a certain something to any room. Once they’re matched to the internal décor, you have a polished look that you’ll find both relaxing and calming.

Versatile window shutters from StyleRite

Window shutters are versatile in that they will suit most themes and styles. Whether it’s a modern minimal look with light colours or a darker mood with leather upholstery, a few antique pieces and olive green walls, window shutters can really give that ultimate finish. They’re also incredibly easy to clean, which means that the upkeep of any room in your house is a lot easier to deal with.

Window shutters for the bedroom

Of course window shutters aren’t just for living areas, they’re perfect for bedrooms where you have more control over how much light you allow in. If you’re fussy about how dark you like your room when you sleep, then window shutters will be perfect for you. Again, they can be matched to any particular theme or colour scheme you have in your bedroom. In here too, you can choose from full or half shutters, or tier on tier, where you can either open up the top or bottom. Gliding track shutters may offer a more traditional alternative in the bedroom - you can open and shut these as if they were curtains.

Windows for any room, anywhere in your home

Whether you’re in a large house, or in a small apartment, window shutters are guaranteed to transform it, offering architectural elements you won’t get with a pair of curtains. They can certainly give a more European feel and if you live near the coast, there’s nothing better than a pair of snow white window shutters to take advantage of a spectacular sunset or some temperamental waves beating against the shore.

What kind of shutters do you want for your windows?

You can choose café shutters, or full window shutters and also gliding track, or tier on tier shutters – they cover the whole window but the bottom and the top part can be opened, or shaped window shutters – for any shape of window, whether it’s circular or rectangular. They can also be finished off with frames, coloured tilts or hinges and it adds that final touch to your window shutters that makes them stand out and add something unique to your style.

At StyleRite we have the specialists to provide a first class quality service

We have a breath-taking range of materials for your window shutters including a variety of colours, metallics, woods and whichever you decide on, colour or material, we’ll probably have it.

To arrange a consultation with free estimate and measurements, then get in touch. We can give you a free no obligation quote and once our team have assisted you in selecting the perfect shutters- our in-house window shutter installers can turn your house into the home you’ve been dreaming of.