The benefits of window shutters

People with an eye for a stylish as well as practical solution to dressing their windows often turn to the various styles of shutters that can be found these days. There is nothing wrong with traditional fabric curtains, with maybe some nets for extra privacy in some circumstances however well chosen window shutters can really make a bold statement. Of course it should not be forgotten that having shutters at the windows is not just for show. They have to perform a practical function as well and this article aims to highlight some of the benefits to be gained from going down this route.

StyleRite Shutters is Scotland’s leading supplier and installer of shutters and they are sure to have what you are looking for. Shutters can be combined with curtains but, in most cases, fabric drapes are superfluous. The shutters are made to measure and can be installed snugly inside the reveal of the window giving the perfect solution to your heat retention and privacy requirements.

There are so many styles to pick from and you can choose full height ones covering the whole area of glass or maybe half height, ‘café style’ ones which give you a great deal of privacy but still allow a lot of light through above. If you have non-standard opening windows you might choose the ‘tier on tier’ style which gives you the useful option of being able to expose selected windows of light while keeping the other windows covered with the closed blinds.

Shutters really can fulfil all your needs and the great thing about them is that they are so easy to clean. Forget the regular and expensive trips to the dry cleaners with your curtains. StyleRite shutters are cleaned with a quick wipe and look good as new every time. The clever design of these shutters enables you to easily expose the glass so that you can clean that too.

Whether for domestic or business use, shutters really are the best option for your windows. It has been proven that good quality fittings can reduce your heating bills dramatically as they can trap cold air against the windows. You should also consider that they are an effective noise barrier as well and the versatility of the different angling mechanisms enables you to easily control how much light is entering the room at any time.

If all of the above sounds good to you then you really ought to take a look at the company’s website at You can see what a fantastic range they have to offer and they will measure your windows and manufacture and install the finished products guaranteeing satisfaction every time.