What is the best style of window shutters?

If you're about to invest in wooden window shutters for the first time, then you may not be too sure about which ones are right for your home. After all, there is more than one style to choose from and you could choose the wrong one. However, as long as you know which styles are out there and which windows they're best for, you shouldn't have too much of a problem.

They're are a few different styles of window shutters and each one provides it's own advantages, it depends on your personal taste of course, and also on whether you prize privacy or light control. You may want shutters that remain shut permanently or you may want a set of shutters that only cover half the window. Read on to find out all about the types of window shutters available and then you'll be more informed, and hopefully, find it much easier to decide which style of window shutter is best for you.

Solid Panel Plantation Window Shutters

This type of window shutter is solid with no slats, and is good if you're after privacy with no light getting through. They're also useful if you have a room where you watch films and play games as they will stop sunlight from shining on to the screen. They're also good for providing security and avoiding noise pollution, so if you live near a busy street, they're ideal.

Cafe Style Window Shutters

This type of shutter will only cover half of your window and they're perfect for basement flats and houses that are on street level. They allow for privacy and let light in so you get the best of both worlds. You also have the option of adding either blinds or curtains if you wish.

Tier on Tier Wooden Window Shutters

You'll find that with this type of window shutter, the bottom and top are separate and will open individually, so you can have one set at the bottom open for instance, and the top part closed. You can control light, noise and privacy with this type of shutter and it can work with any style of home.

Full Height Wooden Window Shutters

This type of shutter will cover the entire window. Sometimes they're good for offering complete privacy, but unlike with solid window shutters, the slats will allow some light in if you wish. They can be fitted so they are in complete alignment with your window height and width.

Unusual Windows?

If you have unusually shaped windows you may think that wooden window shutters aren't for you because you'll never find any that will look right. However, this isn't the case at all. Here at Window Shutters Scotland we can custom make the shutters and design them so that they fit perfectly to any window shape you have, regardless of how unusually shaped they are. So don't let the shape of your windows put you off, if you want wooden window shutters, then you can definitely have them and you can choose from any of the styles we've mentioned.

Wooden Window Shutters, Lots of Styles, Lots of Choice

We hope you found our post on window shutters styles interesting and useful. Here at Window Shutters Scotland we strive to satisfy our customer's needs and provide a versatile and quality range of wooden window shutters that are stylish and functional.

Whether your home is classic or modern, and your interiors contemporary or classically themed, you can have the type of shutters that will match the décor perfectly. Contact us and choose your style of window shutters.

Choosing a Windows Shutters Supplier

If you're in the process of choosing a window shutters supplier and you're not really sure what you should be looking for, then perhaps our post this week should help. Choosing the right supplier is an important part of getting those shutters absolutely perfect for your windows. Once fitted, they should last you a lifetime, but if you get the wrong suppliers, it could spell disaster and a lot of money spent rectifying mistakes.

A First Class Service With Window Shutters Scotland

If you choose Stylerite Shutters, and we sincerely hope you do, you'll be guaranteed a first class service.

From the start you're going to have a really relaxing and enjoyable experience, from choosing your window shutters to having them installed. Here at Stylerite Shutters, we have an experienced team of wooden window shutter fitters, who have the expertise and experience to make sure the job is done right – first time.

Window Shutters Consultation

All you have to do is arrange a time to talk to our experts, usually in the comfort of your own home. Our appointments are usually no longer than around 30 minutes and you can have one in the evening or at the weekend. That makes for a relaxed meeting where you can describe, in as much detail as possible what it is you want.

If you can visualise how you want to see your wooden window shutters, then tell us about what it. We strive to satisfy our clients needs and that's by listening to what they want. Window Shutters are a permanent fixture, so it's important to get them absolutely right. We're happy to talk about the details, because with shutters, it's all about detail. Let's take the time to talk about shading and styling, panels and colour, it's all important.

Trained to Fit Your Window Shutters Perfectly

Naturally, your shutters need to fit the window perfectly. This is important so you get to take advantage of all the great things about made to measure, such as great insulation and light control. At Stylerite Shutters we train our team to construct your shutters with the utmost precision. Each shutter is checked for alignment before any stains or paints are applied, and this ensure absolute perfection when it comes to fitting your wooden window shutters.

Our team is trained to fit and install your shutters so you don't have to. Leave it to the experts, who can get the fit just right every time and in every room - you won't regret it.

We Never Leave a Mess

If you're worried about the mess, then you don't need to because we leave your home exactly as we found it and clear up after ourselves as we go, so that by the time we've finished, the area is just as clean and tidy as it was before we came. Except of course, you have some really stylish wooden window shutters.

Quality and Product Guaranteed

We can also boast the fact that the quality of our window shutters is guaranteed. All our wooden window shutters come with a 36 month guarantee so you know that if there are any problems, then we can sort it out for you, quickly and efficiently. As well as a 36 month quality guarantee, we also provide a product guarantee for 3 years. And all our window shutters are at competitive prices, so they're always affordable.

Stylerite Shutters - Window Shutters Scotland

If you're still trying to choose a window shutters supplier, we'd like to think we've now persuaded you why it's such a great idea to come to us – here at Stylerite Shutters. Why not contact us and book one of our 30 minute appointments and get your window shutters fitted, the sooner the better.

Questions to Ask When Buying Window Shutters

If you've never had window shutters before and you're thinking about having them for the first time, then you may have a lot of questions. If this is the case and you're ready to say goodbye to curtains, then read on to find out what you should be asking when you're looking to buy wooden window shutters.

Lots of Different Styles and Colours

You'll find that today, there are plenty of different types of window shutters out there to choose from, so you don't have to stick with one particular style. You can provide your home with both interior and exterior shutters and you can buy them in vinyl, however, wood is popular and cedar is particularly beautiful.

What style, finish panel configuration and budget are you going with?

Naturally it will depend on how much you can afford to spend, but then you need to ask yourself which type of blind is best for your home, your personal tastes and interior décor.

Styles are usually in 3 different types, traditional, plantation or filled. Traditional shutters have narrow panels which looker thicker at the front and narrow at the back, plantation shutters offer thicker flatter panels. It is entirely up to you which one you prefer. However, you can have wooden shutters that are filled in, and where there are usually panels, there's just plain wood filled in. These types of shutters are good if you want complete darkness at night, say in a bedroom, where you like it completely dark.

There are different styles of shutter that look great on any type of shutter, find out what styles your retailer has in stock. We're talking cafe style, full height, tier on tier and specially custom shaped ones that are cut to fit an unusually shaped window. They don't just come in a straightforward rectangular shape either, whether it's octagonal, circular, arched or triangular, a window shutter can be made to fit any shape or size of window.

What type of configuration is best?

This will depend on the size of your windows and what you prefer. You can have custom made to your own specifications if you want something in particular. As we've already seen, you can have a set of window shutters in any style or shape you want. If you have tall windows, it might be a good idea to have more than one set of shutters all the way down, however, discuss it with your window shutter retailer.

What finish?

A natural looking finish is popular as it gives a really natural, continental, rustic feel to your home, staining then gives it a more natural, weathered look, although over time, they will become like this naturally.

Paint is good and you can use whichever colour you want, one that fits in with your overall colours scheme.You may find that your shutters will come in a wood tone or white finish and once they're fitted, you can paint them to suit the rooms.

Are wooden window shutters good for patio doors too?

Yes, they are and they're a great option for providing protection from strong light during the summer and giving you privacy from the neighbours when you need it.

Window Shutters Scotland – The Best Way to Get Your Wooden Window Shutters

If you're convinced now that window shutters are for you, then get in touch and let's find the best shutters for your home. We'd love to help you choose your shutters and if you have any new ideas on how you'd like them to look, then we can talk about that too.

Choosing the Right Shutters For Your Home

If you're thinking of having window shutters for the first time and you're unsure as to which type are best, don't worry, because today we're going to talk you through the different styles. Here at Window Shutters Scotland we have an amazing range of wooden window shutters and hopefully you'll find a style that's right for you.

Whether your home is a modern property or you live in a classic period house, window shutters always look good, and as they are so versatile, they can easily complement your personal taste and décor.

Let's take a look at our wonderful range of window shutters, so you can find the right ones for your home.

Cafe Style Window Shutters

With cafe style shutters you'll have blinds on the lower half of your windows only. They're extremely elegant and you'll get a lot of light as well as privacy. You may find that the upper part of your windows feel a little bare, and one way of overcoming this is to place blinds on the upper part of the window. This type of shutter is particularly good for kitchens and living rooms.

Plantation Window Shutters

Plantation shutters consist of one large panel covering the entire window. You can open them for full light and close them completely for full privacy. They're great for bedrooms if you want it completely dark at night. You can have plantation shutters with slat control for at least part or all of the shutter, so that you can tilt them, again giving you more control over light and privacy.

Tier on Tier Window Shutters

How about window shutters with panels at the top and bottom, which open and shut independently of each other? This is a really flexible and sophisticated option for those that like increased control over light and privacy.

Solid Window Shutters

Solid shutters can consist of one solid panel, or they can have slats on one panel and solid on the lower or upper one. You can shut out and let in light beautifully, and they offer such an elegant look for your windows.

Custom Designed Window Shutters

You can have your wooden window shutters designed to your specifications, and here at Window Shutters Scotland we can work with you and make sure your windows look exactly how you want them to look.

Wooden Window Shutters

Most of our wooden window shutters are made of wood and we have a wide selection of different types, as well as a great selection of colours.

Unusually Shaped Windows

Don't let the shape of your windows deter you from having window shutters. You can have them custom made to fit any shape or size, so all you have to do is choose which you think fits in best with the style and décor of your home.

What type of window shutters are best for the kitchen?

You can make your kitchen a little more private with window shutters, and you may find that cafe style shutters are a perfect choice for the kitchen, allowing you to shut the lower part of the window and allow plenty of air and light for the upper part.

Living room area – what type of window shutters are best?

Tier on tier may be a good choice of shutters because you can shut out part of the noise of foot traffic if you live on a busy road, while keeping the upper panels open to allow in daylight. You might find that cafe style shutters are a good choice too.

Bedroom Window Shutters

If you are going to be leaving the shutters closed in the bedroom, then perhaps you may find that full height plantation shutters are best. Solid shutters are good for keeping the light out if you need to have the room completely dark when you go to sleep.

Bathroom Window Shutters

Regardless of the size of your bathroom window, you'll still be able to have wooden window shutters fitted. They can offer privacy while allowing some light in at the same time.

Window Shutters Scotland

We hope you found our guide on the different types of window shutters helpful. If you have any further questions regarding our window shutters then do please get in touch

What are the benefits of having window shutters in your home?

There are many benefits to having window shutters in your home, and in this post we're going to be looking at why they are such a great investment. If you've seen them in images online or in magazines, you may feel tempted to take the plunge, we definitely think you'll be pleased with what they can do for your home. Once you've made the change you won't look back, so say goodbye to those curtains!

Maintenance and Allergy Friendly

Let's start with how easy it is to care for window shutters. If you suffer with allergies then you'll really benefit from having them. They are less prone to collecting dust, and cleaning them is a doddle. Unlike with curtains, where you have to remove then and either wash them in a machine or have them dry cleaned, window shutters are simple. All you need do is wipe them down with a damp cloth, no need for water, just wipe them and that's it.

Traditional curtains collect dust, and that's bad news for those with dust allergies. If you have window shutters you'll have a permanent break from sneezing and coughing.

Money Saving

You may be a little worried about the initial outlay for window shutters, but you'd be surprised at you'll benefit financially once you've had them installed. Firstly, they have a long life, wooden window shutters also age beautifully, so you'll have an elegant feature throughout your home. Another added advantage is that window shutters can add value to your property as they are such an attractive feature. They're part of the fixtures and fittings so they are a worthwhile investment.

Sound and Heat Insulation

You'll save money in other ways too, because wooden window shutters offer such great insulation so your heating bills will be lower. They work really well with double glazed windows so you''re home will be well insulated during the freezing winter months. They also offer great sound insulation so if you live near a busy road, they'll reduce the noise far better than just closing the curtains.

Window Shutters Will Fit Any Window

If you live in a property with very unusually shaped windows, then you can still have them fitted. Window shutters are extremely versatile and look great in all homes, whether the windows are rectangular, circular, small or large, your window shutters will look stunning.

A Versatile Range of Wooden Window Shutters

If you feel you'd like to go ahead with window shutters for your home, then come and see our versatile range of window shutters styles, designs and colours. We have every kind of shutter, and if you don't find what you're looking for then we can custom build your window shutters to your requirements.

Whatever your personal style, your décor, whether it's modern or classic, you'll be able to have window shutters that offer all the benefits we've talked about, and still look amazing. Get in touch today and we'll be happy to answer any further questions. Let's get those window shutters installed.

Should I Buy Window Shutters or Blinds?

If you’ve had quite enough of curtains and nets, perhaps you’re debating the alternatives. You might be thinking that the only real alternative is blinds, and you’re not particularly keen on that idea. Don’t worry, there are other alternatives to consider and in this post we’re going to discuss the advantages of wooden shutters.

Blinds have the option of being rolled up or down, they are normally made of fabric, plastic or metal. They can be adjusted to allow in more or less light. You can also have blinds that are made with slats which can be adjusted for controlling light and privacy.

Wooden window shutters are solid and can be opened or closed depending on the amount of light and privacy you want.

Blinds can be fitted to the window so there’s no gaps in your window when you close them. For many, they are a great alternative to curtains, but they’re not for everyone.

Security, Privacy, Warmth – Wooden Window Shutters

Wooden window shutters are a modern, stylish and timeless alternative to curtains. They are made to measure in the same way as blinds, but they can be made to fit any type of window, regardless of shape. There’s also less maintenance with shutters, once they’re fitted, they’re extremely hard wearing and should offer you many years of wear. They’re also good at keeping in heat and offer a little extra security to the windows. No intruder is going to try and break into your house if he has to come in through windows AND window shutters.

Good Control Over Light and Privacy

There’s great control over light and privacy and as there are so many different styles, you can choose which ones offer the best coverage. For instance, café style window shutters are a great choice, because they open at the top and bottom independently of each other, offering you extra control over light and privacy. They also look extremely elegant and chic.

With regards to child safety, if you do have a family, the advantages with shutters is that there are no chains or cords to use, therefore there’s no potential for serious accidents.

Easy to Clean

Wooden window shutters are also easy to clean, you don’t have to remove them and you don’t have to wait for them to dry, or come back from the dry cleaners, as you do with traditional curtains.

Style and Value

Wooden window shutters, may on the surface appear really expensive, but if you do invest in window shutters you could be adding real value to your home as they give curb interest, and make the interiors seem far more elegant and sophisticated.

You can have window shutters in any style or colour you like, and you can have them to match any theme you may have going in in your home. If your home is modern and minimalist, classic, or Art Deco, we’ll have the window shutters to match the style of your rooms. Whether you live in a high rise apartment, or in a cottage, wooden window shutters are versatile enough to fit in with any type of house.

Window Shutters Scotland

If you’d like to find out more about wooden window shutters then get in touch with us here at Window Shutters Scotland and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions. If you want to go ahead with having window shutters installed, we’d love to fit them for you, so let us know!

A History of Window Shutters

Window shutters have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They are fast becoming a more chic and sophisticated alternative to traditional curtains. Question is where do they originate, and where do they come from?

In this post we’re going to be taking a brief look at where window shutters came from and why they become so popular.

Window Shutters Have a Long History

Looking at houses of historical interest we see that shutters go back a long way. Keeping in mind there was no double glazing back in the medieval times, window shutters often gave protection from the elements. They also helped give homes some much needed privacy and draught proofing. You could bar and lock them and this helped keep out intruders.

Glass was gradually becoming popular by the time of the Tudor and Elizabethan years, but not everyone could afford it. Solid window shutters gave protection from weather and intruders and could be decorated to enhance the look of the home.

From Marble to Wood

Window shutters were made of wood, unlike the Grecian period where they were made from marble. Wood itself would often have mouldings on it as decoration, giving it a less utilitarian appearance, and helping to give it a softer and more domesticated look.

As house design changed, in the Victorian period we see that shutters were being used more often outside the house and as well as inside.

There are many buildings with window shutters dating back to the late 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Some of them no longer open due to age and layers of paint, but they offer a vivid picture of what homes were like and the evolution of house design.

Wooden Window Shutters Explore New Worlds

Window shutters were brought to the Americas by the Spanish and they came to be popularly known as plantation shutters, which were most often painted white. As you know there are many different types of window shutters available today and one of the most popular type is café shutters, the ones which open and shut independently of each other at the top and bottom of a window. These date back to a time when glass was an unaffordable luxury and shutters were still in use as a protection for the window.

There is still much to be learnt about window shutters and a lot more research can only reveal more fascinating facts about this beautiful form of window covering. From the 17th century up until today, window shutters design and style has changed a lot over the years.

There’s a lot of history behind this simple yet effective window covering and no doubt it should arouse curiosity in you, the next time you walk past a Victorian or Georgian house. Try to see if you can spot window shutters dating back to the 18th or 19th century.

Window Shutters Scotland

If you’re thinking of having window shutters in you home, then get in touch and we can talk you through the many different styles and colours, and help you to choose what’s right for your home. 

A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Shutters

Wooden window shutters are by far the most sophisticated window coverage for your windows. They’re versatile, hardwearing, long lasting and functional. Once you’ve bought wooden window shutters, you won’t want to go back to more conventional curtains or blinds.

Of course there are different types of window shutters, and in this post we’re going to give a brief overview of each one, and hopefully this will give you some idea of which ones may be most suitable for your windows.

Full Height Window Shutters

Full height window shutters will give you complete coverage when you need it. They open as one solid unit from the top of your windows to the bottom. You could have several narrow shutters hinged together, or maybe a couple of wider panels.

Café Style Window Shutters

Café style window shutters are great for ground level windows and for basement apartments and town houses. A café style shutter will leave the top of the window without shutters, but will have them at the bottom only. With this type of shutter, you can have privacy, especially if your window opens out on to a busy walkway, at the same time it allows light in where you need it.

Tier on Tier Window Shutters

These type of window shutters allow you to open the shutters independently, meaning you can open the top part and leave the bottom part open and vice versa. Again, these are good if you want to maintain light and you’re concerned about privacy.

Solid Window Shutters

This type of window shutters is good for ultimate privacy and for withholding light and sun. These give great security, and at the same time offer a classic look to any room. You can have all solid window shutters, or you can have them partially solid. It’s the kind of look that will give your home a really elegant continental look.

Custom Shape Window Shutters

If you’ve moved to a house with plenty of character, it may come with unusually shaped windows, and of course this is great. However you may be worried that you won’t be able to find suitable window shutters. This is not the case at all, because you can have them custom made to fit any shape of window, no matter how unusually shaped they are.

Just measure the windows, or we can send one of our team round to do it. You’ll find that whatever their shape, windows can look even more spectacular with shutters. There are plenty of different styles to have and ones that allow the shutters to be fully opened.


Wooden window shutters are built to last and made to provide the ultimate in privacy. No more pulling the curtains at night only to discover they’re practically useless at providing privacy or shutting out unwanted light.

Window shutters can protect your furniture and carpets from the sun while at the same time providing you with privacy as and when you need it. They’re an investment that’s built to last and once you have them, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

Made to Measure Wooden Window Shutters

If you’re thinking of installing wooden window shutters, and why wouldn’t you, then get in touch with us here at Window Shutters Scotland either by phone or online, and one of our team will be more than happy to talk it through with you.

You can measure your windows yourselves, or we can send someone round to measure the windows for you. Once you have window shutters, there’ll be no looking back.

Insulate Your Home with Window Shutters This Winter

You might be surprised to know how much difference solid shutters can make to your home. It’s taken for granted by many that if your heating’s working properly and your windows are securely shut, that there’s very little heat loss. However, this is not the case at all, in fact it can be quite the opposite.

Historic Buildings and Period Houses at Risk of Poor Insulation

If you live in a home that’s 100 years old or older then the chance of it being double glazed is less. You may have bought a period house for obvious reasons, its architectural beauty of course, and the ample room it provides along with those beautiful period features. However, this could make your new home vulnerable to energy loss.

Many historical period houses are not considered for double glazing because it will alter the appearance of the building. So the question is, how can you retain insulation AND keep the original appearance of the windows in your period property?

Solid Shutters For Thermal Protection

If you have solid window shutters closed at night they can really make a dramatic difference to keeping warmth in. They can help stop heat escaping, thus keeping you warm and avoiding the need to alter the appearance of your property with double glazing.

This is a low-tech approach that delivers on all levels and once your solid shutters are fitted, you’ll find they last many years, proving to be a great investment.

Solid Shutters Offer Insulation For Older Properties

Energy efficiency in large historic properties is important and if you happen to live in such a house then you’ll be looking to keep the place warm in winter. Fuel is expensive and you’ll not only save money with solid shutters, but help to reduce carbon emissions too. It is therefore well worth considering, because despite the initial outlay, in the future, you’ll be saving money.

Solid Shutter - As Good as Double Glazing

Traditional solid wooden shutters can make a dramatic difference to your home and is known to reduce heat loss by over 50%. They are every bit as good as double glazing with regards to energy savings, and they can be made more so by slightly modifying them with added insulation.

Stylerite Shutters For All Your Solid Shutters This Winter

If you’re thinking of adding solid shutters to your windows, then get in touch with our team today.

We have a friendly and knowledgeable team who are more than happy to help and steer you in the right direction, and if you’d like us to fit your window shutters, then that’s even better. We have the knowledge, expertise and training to fit your solid shutters professionally and we’ll do an excellent job.

Window Shutters FAQ

Welcome to our frequently asked questions section regarding wooden window shutters, we hope you find the answers to your questions here. We’re always here to help.

What are window shutters?

Window shutters are also known as plantation shutters and they consist of panels that are fixed to either the outside or inside of your windows. You can also have them on doors. Window shutters have a long history and go back as far as the American Civil War.

How much do window shutters cost?

We need to know the measurements of your windows first before we can give you an accurate quote. When we call, we’ll measure all of the windows that need shutters and then once we’ve done that we’ll leave a quote with you.

It’s a good idea if a professional measures your windows as if you do it yourself, and you get some of the measurements wrong, the shutters may not fit correctly. If you feel fairly confident then go ahead, but make sure your measurements are as accurate as possible.

Can you fit wooden window shutters on any window?

Window shutters can be installed on all windows, regardless of size or shape. You could also use them for doors and as room dividers. They last a long time, so they’re a worthwhile investment.

What if I have technical questions regarding my window shutters?

If you have any questions you need answering regarding your wooden window shutters then you can always get in touch with one of our team. We’re always happy to take your call, so if you have any queries following installation, get in touch.

How long with my window shutters last?

If you care for your window shutters then there’s a good chance they could last a very long time, however it can vary. Wooden window shutters can last as long as 20 years and are still in good working order. If you take good care of them, then the chances are, they’ll last longer for you.

How do I clean my wooden window shutters?

Your window shutters are easy to clean and need only a little soap detergent and some warm water. Cleaning the individual slats can be done with a damp cloth, you’ll find they don’t collect as much dust as curtains or nets, so they’re both hygienic and easy to clean.

Will wooden window shutters warp and lose their colour with age?

This can happen to wood structures, but it also depends on the type of wood used. With our window shutters we can guarantee against warping as we use wood that only warps in very rare circumstances. If this does happen and there’s some shrinkage, a little adjustment can be made.

As you can imagine wood is a natural material and it comes with its own inconsistences. However, they do make the perfect window shutters offering a stylish coverage for your windows, and once it’s aged it can add a real rustic look to your home. You can wait until your wooden window shutters have naturally aged or you can add a rustic look to it after they’ve been fitted. Even after a few weeks your window shutters will look a little more lived in, especially if you’ve had them fitted on the exterior of your windows.

What stains and colours are there to choose from?

You’ll find we have an excellent range of colours and stains for your wooden window shutters. Take a look on our site and take a look at what we have to offer and there’ll be something there that fits the bill. If not, then ask us and we’ll see if we can come up with something you like. 

If you have any more questions then please do get in touch with us today.

Cleaning Window Shutters

How easy is it to clean wooden window shutters?

If you’re thinking of having window shutters fitted for the first time then perhaps here at Window Shutters Scotland we can help by providing a quick and easy guide. You’ll find it’s no more difficult than cleaning traditional curtains, and in many ways much easier.

Solid Wooden Window Shutters and the Easy Clean

Your window shutters shouldn’t need cleaning more than once a week, depending of course on where you live. If you live near a busy street, then perhaps they may need cleaning more often.


All you need is a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner on the end of the hose, and then you can vacuum your shutters very gently using the attachment, and this should help to avoid a build-up of dust and debris.

Perhaps on a monthly basis you could also use a duster that’s sprayed gently with polish and you can dust the window shutters thoroughly by hand. You’ll need a stool or ladder to reach the top, but whatever you do don’t use a table or a chair as this is how accidents happen.


As you can imagine, your shutters will have crevices and little places which is ideal for dust and dirt to collect. Here’s another idea – you can try using a toothbrush that’s been sprayed with a little spray polish and clean those areas which are hard to reach.

For wooden window shutters it’s best not to use water mixed with soap because this could seriously damage the wood.

Vinyl or Painted

Again washing them on a weekly basis is good, and you can use water and soap to get your painted or vinyl shutters nice and clean. You can dampen a medium sized cloth and wash the window shutters from top to bottom, again using a ladder or stool, but not a table or chair. Rinse away any soap by washing the shutters a second time with water but no soap. Dry them after with a dry towel.

Exterior Shutters

For the outside of your shutters use water and detergent and use a brush or mop. You’ll need a long handle because your shutters are higher up the outside of your house. You can use a hose to spray the dirt away and when you use the mop, there should be less work to do.

Start at the top and work your way down with the mop using firm side to side movements. Use the hose again to wash away any soap residue and let the wind and sun dry them.

So there you have it, a simple and easy way to clean both wooden window shutters, vinyl, painted and exterior ones. It’s so simple and easy and so much easier than having to remove curtains and nets, and then run them through the washing machine or worse, take them to the dry cleaners. In the long run it’ll save you money and they are such a great, modern alternative to curtains. 

If you're interested in having wooden window shutters installed in your home, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Why Buy Window Shutters?

Why would you want to buy window shutters in Scotland for your home? Are you weighing up the options? Let’s take a look at all the reasons why you should invest in window shutters for your home.

Insulate and Cool

You’ll be amazed to know that window shutters give great insulation and keep your home cool during the warm weather. This is great if you want to save money on heating bills, because as soon as you close your shutters they provide great insulation.

Easy to Clean

There’s nothing worse than having to clean your curtains or netting. With window shutters you get to avoid all that. They’re so easy to maintain with only a quick wipe with a damp cloth being the only thing needed to keep them in pristine condition.


Remember how much hay fever hurts during the summer months, and if you suffer with allergies all year round as many people do, then you’ll know how inconvenient and uncomfortable it is to suffer with it. If you have window shutters you’ll find they don’t gather as much dust as curtains do. That means you can avoid the breeding round that exists when you have net and fabric curtains.

Glamour and Disguise

Plantation shutters, as window shutters are often known as, offer a little glamour and sophistication. They’re used a lot on the continent and are a much more elegant than regular curtains.

Add Value to Your Home

There’s something else to consider too. If you’re thinking of selling your home sometime in the near future, there’s nothing that puts your house at a distinct advantage more than window shutters. You can have them made to measure so that they fit your windows perfectly. You’ll also find they cut out noise too, allowing you some peace and quiet from the world outside.

Light and Dark

Window shutters allow you to control how much light you allow into the room. This works really well in bedrooms because you can cut out all light so you get a good night’s sleep.

In the living room, kitchen or any other room in your house you can get as much or as little light as you need because you’re the one in control. The louvres can be moved to face upwards so you can keep the sun off the furniture.

As well as all the incredible features we’ve already discussed above, you’ll also find that window shutters have a UV protective cover which comes in either a paint or stain, this will make sure your window shutters don’t fade.

Any Colour, Any Finish

You can have your window shutters in any colour you want and whichever finish you’d like best, so your shutters match the interior décor of your rooms perfectly. Come in and discuss it with us if you have any questions, and if you like we can come and measure the rooms for you, or if you prefer you can measure them yourself. Invest in window shutters and refresh your home with these stylish window coverings and you won’t regret it.

Get in touch today to arrange a window shutter consultation with our team of experts to find what's right for you.

What are the Benefits of Having Window Shutters Installed?

If you’re in two minds whether or not to have window shutters in Scotland and you’re finding it hard to make a decision then perhaps we can help. They offer privacy, flexibility in terms of light and shade, along with sound insulation and warmth in winter.

Window Shutters to Replace Curtains?

Firstly, look at your curtains and if you have nets look at those too. Remember how many times you’ve had to change them, wash them or dry clean them in the past. Or if you open a window on a windy day, they’re blown all over the place and on to the furniture, knotted up or in a mess.

Window Shutters to Replace Blinds?

Well consider the blandness of blinds in comparison to wooden window shutters, the office, dentist look of them, the lack of style or colour, and think what you can do with window shutters, how you can transform rooms, in fact your entire room.

Window Shutters For Privacy

We’ve already covered the privacy offered by window shutters in another blog post, so without going over old ground, let’s quickly remind ourselves how beneficial window shutters are to the privacy of homeowners everywhere, how you are able to choose how much of the world you allow in and how much you keep out.

Window shutters give you the privacy you want when you need it.

Light and Shade

Window shutters can allow all light in or none or at all, or if you fancy a little trickle of light at the time day when the sun is at its strongest, then window shutters can allow a little in when you need it. Light is controlled by you, and when you want more you can just adjust the shutters accordingly.

Health Benefits and Low Maintenance Window Shutters

Window shutters are wiped with a damped cloth and that is enough, there’s no washing and no dry cleaning of heavy curtains. It doesn’t need to be done that often either. For those of you suffering from hay fever, you’ll find that window shutters don’t really collect much dust in comparison to curtains. This means that you’re less likely to suffer from the effects of dust mites – and that’s good news.

Sound, Warmth and Coolness

Every time you close your window shutters, you get great sound insulation, shutting out the noises of the streets outside and people in gardens, so you can have 5 minutes of peace. During the winter, shutters are able to insulate a room, not only keeping you warm, but also providing you with reduced heating bills. In summer you can simply open your windows to allow the air in.

Window Shutters Scotland

So, are you now any closer to making a decision?

If you’re closer than you were before, but you’d still like to talk to someone, then call us or pay us a visit, and our friendly team can talk you through any further queries you may have. If you want to go ahead, that’s even better, as we’re a qualified, well trained and experienced team of window shutter fitters and we’d love to help you create your perfect home space.

Privacy Shutters Guide

Window shutters are such a great choice for window coverage and you may be seriously considering having wooden window shutters in your home for the first time. If you’ve had curtains up until now, perhaps with nets, this may be a jump into the unknown. Perhaps you’ve been using blinds up until now and you’d like to try privacy window shutters in West Lothian – and why not?

They’re obviously different to blinds but in a really good way, in that they give a continental feel to your windows – AND block out light, where you can shut light and people out on your terms, so when you need privacy the shutters will give it to you.

Versatility As Well As Privacy

Privacy window shutters fit nicely on to double glazed windows and there’s no need for drilling or holes. The privacy window shutters fit snuggly on to your window frame and with no unsightly gaps, you’re guaranteed privacy – when you need it.

You’ll be pleased to know we have quite a selection of different designs too, whether you’re after contemporary or classic designs to match the décor of your home. Wooden window shutters will fit well onto your windows and the slats can be open or shut, or left partly open – this gives you control of how much of the outside world with light, noise and people you want to allow in.

Nurseries/Media Rooms/Bedrooms

You can have your privacy fitted slats interlocking for when they’re pushed closed. It works in the same way as a solid shutter. In fact they’re popular for nurseries where blocking out light is essential, as well as media rooms, where again, blocking out light is a requirement.

You can have your window shutters designed in the conventional way, so they’re more or less identical to plantation shutters/wooden window shutters that people have everywhere in their home. That’s fine too, but remember that if you want extra privacy and complete light blockage, it may be better to go with privacy shutters for bedrooms and nurseries.

You can have them in other rooms in the house too, they’re so modern and minimal that they give a fresh and contemporary look to your home, and don’t worry if your home is decorated in a more classic style, window shutters can look equally good with older, grander style homes.

Window Shutters - Scotland

Window shutters may seem quite new to those who are more accustomed to curtains and nets, however shutters have been with us for over 500 years and were used to cover windows before the use of glass became more widespread. Nowadays of course, wooden window shutters are a sophisticated solution to controlling light with glass windows, even double glazed, and our special range of privacy wooden shutters in West Lothian are perfect for your home.

So if you’re still unsure and you’d like to have a chat with one of our friendly team members, please get in touch today. We’re here to help and you’re always welcome to either call us, or if you prefer, pay us a visit in store. We’re a professional team and we’re both experienced and knowledgeable on fitting all types of window coverings – so don’t be shy, we’re here to help!

Custom Shape Window Shutters Guide

Window Shutters For Your Home

Picture the scene - you move into a new home, it’s something you’ve been dreaming of. Perhaps it has high ceilings and arched windows, it’s the perfect home, and now you’ll be planning on filling it with treasured items and carefully chosen pieces for each room.

Trouble is, when you have an unusual home, with windows that aren’t the conventional type, it’s hard to find blinds that will fit. Question is – what do you do?

Custom made to Fit Any Shape of Window

Well, you could go with custom window shutters, something that will give your windows plenty of style and are fitted so they fit your windows perfectly – regardless of their size or shape.

Also known as plantation shutters, they are the perfect choice for your windows, and can be a great way of providing coverage for windows that are not conventionally shaped.

Elegant and Stylish Window Shutters

But they don’t just cover the windows, they are both elegant and stylish too, and here at window shutters Scotland – we can provide a variety of colours and styles to suit your home and your personal style, something that fits in with the interior décor you’ve chosen for your home.

So don’t worry about the shape of your windows, and that’ll you’ll have to settle for a set of conventional sized curtains, because our custom made wooden window shutters could be the answer to your prayers.

Customise to Suit

The power is in your hands, because we’ll let you choose the colour, material and slat size - that way you can feel in control and make sure that your window shutters perfectly match the décor you’ve chosen for each room.

If you want added extras such as locking mechanisms, remote controls or pull rings, we can provide those too. You can even have handles or tracking systems, we’ll do whatever it takes to make controlling your shutters easy to handle.

Custom Shape Window Shutters Scotland

When you come to us you’ll find not only a vast choice of colours, shapes, styles at your disposal, you’ll also find a friendly team of professionals with years of experience behind them, who prize customer service and communication above all else. The customer is always our priority. We haven’t got to where we are today without making sure we know what we’re doing and that we listen to what the customer wants.

So don’t ever feel you can’t speak up if you’re not happy with something, or if you want something done a particular way. Custom wooden window shutters are custom designed to your specifications, so it’s in our interests to listen.

If you’re looking for custom shape window shutters in Edinburgh come to us and let’s talk, and between us we can get those window shutters fitted in no time.


Solid Wooden Window Shutters Guide

Solid window shutters are an attractive alternative to more traditional blinds with slats, that gives your home security, privacy and extra warmth in winter. You may have been giving it some consideration, and if you’re still unsure of whether you want to go ahead, we’ve come up with plenty of good reasons why you should consider solid wooden shutters for you home. Read on to find out why wooden shutters might be a good idea.

What Exactly are Solid Wooden Window Shutters?

Solid window shutters can be used as a covering for both windows and doors, or they can be used as room dividers or screens. They provide both privacy and shade from the sun and can help keep in heat during the cold winter weather. So window shutters are quite versatile in that they can be used for other parts of your home as well as just windows. You could have them to match, so there’s consistency throughout.

They can come with a number of details, so your solid window shutters reflect your home, its style and your personal tastes. You can have them in a modern, contemporary style, or you could have them in a more classic design, such as Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian perhaps. You can have either moved or fixed blades too, and combine them with any of the solid shutter styles.

Wooden Window Shutter Finish

You can have them in any finish you want, paint, natural wood, covered in fabric, or faux leather or suede, and you can have them sandblasted. You can have them at full height for maximum coverage, or you can have them halfway up, in a café style. You can even have them with door handles, perhaps you have door knobs or handles you’d like to have attached to your new solid window shutters? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Solid wooden window shutters can be mass manufactured providing a limited selection from which to choose, or you can have them custom made, so you can have them designed to your specifications – this will ensure they fit in with the interior décor of your home. We’re happy to supply you with ready-made, or you can come in and talk to us about what type of window shutters you’d like to have, and we’ll do our utmost to accommodate your ideas.

All our solid window shutters are made from high quality timbre, so your window shutters offer all round reliability, durability and functionality.

Solid Window Shutters, Scotland

We’re a professional team of craftsman that take pride in our work and we’re not happy until you are. Whatever you want us to create on your behalf, for your home, will be given the utmost attention to detail.

Get in touch today and we’ll strive to create any blinds as well as solid wooden shutters, to your specifications, and if for any reason we can’t create exactly what you wanted, then we’ll discuss all the other options available to you, making sure you’re happy with whatever you’ve chosen.

Tier on Tier Shutters Style Guide

For a brilliant look that suits all kinds of window, while remaining flexible enough to give you light when you want it, and privacy when you require, Tier on Tier shutters can’t be beaten. Available in various styles and configurations, Tier on Tier shutters are a great addition to any room.

What are Tier on Tier Shutters?

Tier on Tier shutters are window furnishings that are split into two sections, giving superb flexibility when choosing privacy and light in your home. The top part of your wooden window shutters can be opened up to allow maximum light in and give you access to the window behind, while leaving the bottom section closed to limit visibility and provide privacy. And of course you can open the bottom half as well if you want. The shutters in each half can be adjusted too, giving you complete control over your window.

Why Choose Tier On Tier Shutters?

Our Tier on Tier shutters are made of the finest materials, meaning that you get a durable product that is finished to a high quality. You can choose from a range of materials, styles, colours, and finishes for your wooden window shutters. Whatever room you plan to fit your window shutters, there’s an option available to make them blend seamlessly with the rest of your scheme, or create a bold addition to your décor.

Window shutters in Scotland come in several different configurations, including hinged panels known as Bi-folding shutters, which means you can fit them onto bigger windows. In fact, Tier on Tier shutters can be made to fit all kinds of size and shaped window. You can open them up fully in order to enjoy the view outside, let in the summer light, or allow a cool breeze to freshen the room.

Tier on Tier shutters work well in any room, and are a perfect fit for bedrooms, where the ability to block out light is as import as being able to open the windows and let the breeze in. They keep the room dark when you need it in order to sleep, and their flexibility means you can open the top if you want light, without having to open the bottom.

Tier on Tier Shutters From Window Shutters Scotland

Find Tier on Tier shutters in Edinburgh that perfectly suit the scheme in your home. Available in different colours and woods, you’ll find great quality window shutters in Scotland that give you control and flexibility. Keep your privacy without sacrificing light: no need to sit in a darkened room just to keep yourself to yourself! Get in touch with us today to discuss the right wooden window shutters for your windows.

Noise Reduction with Window Shutters

Window Shutters For a Peaceful & Quiet Home

Noise pollution can be a constant source of irritation and health problems. A noisy environment outside your home can make you stressed, which can lead to aches and pains, give you headaches, and prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. This all has an impact upon your life, and if you are unlucky enough to live in a very noisy area, you may find that on most days you simply don’t feel at your best.

You may live by a busy road, or near a business that uses loud machinery. Whether it is a constant stream of cars during the day, or drunk and overexcited revellers on a Saturday night moving from pub to club, outside noise can ruin your calm and make it hard for you to relax, sleep, and work. While there are many regulations regarding noise, that doesn’t stop things from being loud.

Effective Barrier To Noise

Blinds and curtains are often fitted to windows, but these have very little impact on the amount of noise coming into your property. Because they are loose and leave a gap, outside sounds will still get into the room. Regardless of how thick the curtain material is, it won’t be very successful at keeping your home quiet.

Wooden window shutters, on the other hand, are a highly effective way of controlling unwanted outside noise. Made from strong, sturdy wood, they help to block out the noise coming through your windows. Being made of such a thick, dense material, these , on the other hand, are a highly effective way of controlling unwanted outside noise.

Sturdy Window Shutter Design

Made from strong, sturdy wood, they help to block out the noise coming through your windows. Being made of such a thick, dense material, these window shutters work to dampen sound, and are considered to be one of the best methods of noise reduction available. Because we fit them to ensure they are located perfectly inside your window frame, you can be certain that they will work their hardest to keep your home quiet.

Window Shutters In Stylish Designs

Of course, wooden window shutters are also a fantastic addition to your home for other reasons. They are beautifully constructed and available in a range of colours and styles. Window shutters lend an air of sophistication to any room while allowing you to control the light levels inside and the amount of privacy you want.

In the same way that window shutters help to block out sound, they also help to keep heat locked inside. Wooden window shutters provide good insulation for your windows, helping you to keep you room at a comfortable temperature all year around.

Enjoy Peace and Quiet With Window Shutters Scotland

If you are suffering due to noise pollution, act now. Don’t let it continue to affect your life. Contact us today to discuss how our window shutters Scotland can help you.

Café Style Shutters Style Guide

Before deciding on shutters, or even what type of shutters might be appropriate for your home, you need to consider a few things first before taking the final step of making a purchase. Ask yourself a few questions, like what are the shutters for, this may seem like a silly question, but it isn’t.

What Purpose Do Your Shutters Serve

Your window shutters serve a purpose, and you need to decide which one is right for you. Are you looking to control how much light you allow in? Are you looking to provide more privacy, if you have large windows looking out on to a street, then naturally, you may wish to limit what people can see when they walk past.

Whatever your priorities are, you can have them in different colours and you can have them fitted to match the colour scheme, whichever room you’ve decided to have them.

Continental Sophistication With Café Style Shutters

Café style shutters are a good choice and such an elegant feel to a room, giving hints of continental summers and alpine freshness that really adds a certain ambience to a home.

Café style shutters cover only half the window, so you could cover the top with curtains if you wish, or other types of blind for the evenings, but café style are good in that they cover the bottom half of a window, which is usually where people see in when passing.

You can have wide or narrow panels - narrow are good, if you want to keep your windows open regularly, or wide, if you’re going to be keeping them shut most of the time.

Keep in mind the importance of getting your measurements right so as to ensure a good fit. We’ve included our guide to measurements below, so you can measure your windows yourself if you wish. However, we do offer a measurement service of our own.


If you want made to measure Cafe Style Shutters then you need to know how to measure the windows.

Measuring your windows is the same as it is for all shutters – measure your window near the glass part of your window and measure it so that the blind will hang comfortably. Measure the widths in three different places, including the bottom of the window, the middle and then finally the top, you then need to measure the length. You can use inches, cm's or millimetres to measure your windows, whatever tape measure you have to hand is fine.

Next, what you need to measure next is the outer part of your window, it’s a good idea to have some overlap of about 2 inches at each side and about roughly 3 inches at the top – this makes allowances for any objects that are near your window that can’t be easily removed. Basically you need to just measure the parts you want the shutters to completely cover.

As window shutters go, café style certainly adds a certain continental glamour to your home that will give you an added sophistication, with the addition of being able to paint them any colour you wish, or have them pre-painted by us here at StyleRite in Edinburgh.

Café Style Shutters, Edinburgh

If you are thinking of taking the step of having café style shutters for a room or rooms in your home, then get in touch with us here at StyleRite in Edinburgh and get your own continental shutters for your home.



Full Height Shutters

You may be thinking of buying shutters for your window. You may already have some and are simply replacing existing ones, or maybe you’re trying them for the very first time. Whichever the case, you’ll want to know you’re in safe hands, with a team that offer value for money, quality workmanship and excellent customer service. We tick all the boxes and if you’ve decided on a particular type of shutter for your window, then even better. Here, we’re going to guide you through what to expect and what to look out for should you decide on window shutters that are full height.

What are full height shutters?

If you’ve never had them before then simply put, they cover your entire window offering light and shade on your terms. They have such sophistication and elegance that it’s easy to understand why they’re such a popular choice. They add symmetry and class to a room and allow you to show off your living space to best effect.

What do you need to look out for?

The key thing to remember is not to rush into anything. Choose carefully and at leisure, there’s no rush. You want to be absolutely sure about your choices as you’re the one that’s going to have to live with them.

They can come with mid rails or not – but if you do decide to have them it will allow you to open both the bottom and top shutters independently of each other. The practical reasons are strong ones, but they also look aesthetically pleasing too. It will also help your shutters to avoid warping and make your shutters stronger as well.

You need to decide what colour, material and finish you want your shutters in, and taking a look at the theme and colour scheme you have for your room or rooms is a good idea before you buy. You could take a piece of fabric or a paint sample with you when deciding colour, finish etc. so you get it exactly right.


If you decide to measure your windows yourself, you need to make sure you take accurate and thorough measurements in order to get the right shutters for your windows. Measure the glass part, and in 3 places, top, middle and bottom. You should measure the outer part of your window too and allow for overlap, about 2 inches should do it.

Full height shutters with Window Shutters, Scotland

You can also come to us to have your windows measured.

We can measure your windows for you, so if you’re worried about getting it wrong, let us do it for you. Once we’ve done that, we’re almost there. You tell us what design, finish and colour you want and we’ll go away and prepare your shutters for you.

You’ll find that here at Window Shutters Scotland, we provide a seamless service that includes excellent workmanship, quality resources and a first class customer service.

Whatever you want, we’ll try and accommodate it, looking at practicalities, functionality and design. We want you to be happy with your choice and we won’t be happy until you are.

Buying window shutters shouldn’t be as hard as you imagine, it should be fun. So if you’re looking to buy full height window shutters then come to us, here at Window Shutters, Scotland and make your windows as glamorous as the rest of your home.

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